Custom Calligraphy Services

Handwritten Calligraphy by a professional calligrapher is the perfect gift for any occasion. Whether you want your own poem, song from your wedding, a famous quote, love poem, Beautiful Calligraphy services has the perfect unique gift solution for you.

Let me, as an experienced professional calligrapher and graphic designer, collaborate with you (YES, you ARE creative!). We will design a custom gift with the perfect background (using your photograph perhaps?) that makes your calligraphy poem have even more impact and gives you or your recipient such joy when they see it!

Calligraphy is the perfect wedding or anniversary
gift that lasts a lifetime!

Love-anniversary-photo anniversary gift of love song lyrics written in calligraphy on photograph
Use a photo of the place you spent your honeymoon for a wonderful background


Calligraphy makes a great Retirement Gift or a wonderful GraduationGift

work-like-you-dont-need-the-money Do you have an inspirational quote, a famous poem,  or biblical verse that you love tacked up to your computer? Let me create a beautiful version of these “words to live by”. Calligraphy is the perfect “selfie” gift! Serenity-No-God-11x14

 Calligraphy can now be printed on a huge variety of surfaces! Calligraphy can be framed traditionally or gallery wrapped, printed on acrylic, wood, metal, mousepad, apron or even a stainless steel water bottle!

thinwrap_softop_200px home002


How To Get Started:

Look through my gallery to get inspiration and ideas for how you want YOUR poem written in calligraphy.  Consider the background you like. (But PLEASE stretch and don’t make your first choice “parchment paper”) Then complete my request form. I’ll write back to you within 24 hours.

Lianda Ludwig, Artist | Beautiful CalligraphyIf you are looking for a lower cost, and fast turn-around alternative, choose one of my calligraphy quotes from the store. They will still be customized with personalized information of your choice!

Online calligraphy orders can be shipped all over the world.

Read my rave reviews to see how calligraphy can be perfect for you! Read my blog to see the latest calligraphy commissions I’ve completed.  I look forward to working with YOU!

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