Printing Calligraphy

a father's love letter to his newborn baby on a photograph of the daddy's hands holding the newborn's little feet

When you order your calligraphy service, I mention “printing” and framing.

Here is the process of writing and printing your custom calligraphy explained:

The original calligraphy is written by hand. It is NOT a computer font, it is handwritten calligraphy. Once I have completed the hand lettering, along with my ink splatters, less than perfect letters that I don’t like, flourishes that bump into other lines, I take the entire piece of plain paper is it written on and scan it at a very high resolution into my computer.

I then use Photoshop, a very impressive software program that took me, literally YEARS to learn to clean the text. I take out letters that I don’t like, fix mistakes, perfecting the calligraphy. This takes time. Then one I’m satisfied, the lettering is placed on a background of your choice. This is how I can incorporate your personal photographs, or pick a beautiful graphic background that fits so well with the text you are having written in calligraphy. Even if you choose “parchment”, this is a high resolution photograph of a piece of original parchment. (Parchment is actually animal skinvery expensive and difficult to prepare for writing)black flourished custom calligraphy superimposed on a photo of original parchment skin paper

It’s then printed on heavy weight archival paper with a high resolution giclee printer.

By doing calligraphy in this manner, each print will last longer than an original, and it looks virtually the same as an original, except it is perfect. It can also keep the cost down, because writing an original will cost about 100% more than using this process. In the case of writing an original a mistake, such as an ink splatter, a letter that is not perfect, a line that isn’t centered properly,  results in needing to do a complete redo of an original. That take a LOT of extra time! And you can imagine the stress of having to be perfect each time I bring pen to paper!

If you read my “rave reviews”  you’ll see that people are completed satisfied with the quality of the print – and you also have an option to print on a different surface (such as canvas, thin wraps, metal, acrylic, glass or wood).

Another advantage of using photoshop is: if you want a line smaller, or want me to try it in a different place on the paper, written in another color….. I can easily accomplish this task for you to see what you prefer.

(ps- once the original is done, printing additional copies is also a low cost option)

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