What is a "Giclee" print?

When you visit our store, you will find a number of “giclee” art prints. The term “giclee” comes from the French word to “spray.” Giclee print technology can refer to printmaking in various qualities.

At Beautiful Calligraphy, our printing technology uses the highest quality archival pigment inks as well as archival art papers. These quality pigments (inks) can maintain their color for up to a hundred years (with proper care). Our giclee printing process provides better color accuracy than other means of reproduction, and makes it difficult to tell the difference between a print and original hand done artwork.

Your artwork will be done originally in hand written calligraphy (not a computer generated “font”). In order for it to be produced on your choice of background– be it a watercolor or award winning photography– it will then be scanned, and printed. Then you can have it framed and sent to you from one of our affiliates for the perfect personalized art piece.

There are so many options now for framing and showing your beautiful calligraphy poem or quote. Do check out Imagekind to see the different options.

Frame your photos at Imagekind

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