Lianda Ludwig

Professional Calligrapher and Artist

My name is Lianda Ludwig and I have been a professional calligrapher providing calligraphy services since 1979. When I lived in New York, I had the pleasure and privilege to study with many of the world’s most respected calligraphers. My hand calligraphy was frequently seen in the Plaza Hotel, and was commissioned by prominent people and celebrities. My calligraphy, combining graphic design with hand lettering skill, has been published.

In 1996 I followed my heart’s desire and moved to Tucson, Arizona, to be in warm weather near beautiful mountains. I recently moved again, and now live in San Diego.

Although my calligraphy services are done by handwriting your text, I learned how to combine calligraphy with photography with using Photoshop. It was HARD and took quite a while. But now I do something entirely unique: Photoshop Magic– combining YOUR personal photographs (even selfies) with my calligraphy and print the art piece on a variety of different surfaces (canvas, wood, acrylic, glass and yes, paper) that are ready to hang, right out of the box!

I ship calligraphy pieces all over the country. I have even worked with our soldiers around the world to make sure their loved ones had anniversary or birthday calligraphy gifts delivered to them in the U.S.

And it you have any questions, please feel free to contact me to find out more.

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