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Love poems are popular readings in marriage vows. I found this ancient love poem from the written by Kuan Tao Sheng during the Sung Dynasty. I think it really embodies the truth of what love should and can be between soul mates. This background Zen symbol just seemed perfect for this poem. What do you think?

You and I

Love each other so

As from the same lump of clay

Was moulded an image of you

And one of me


In a moment of ecstasy

We dash the images to piece

Put them in water

And with stirring and kneading

Mould again an image of you

And another of me


There and then,

You will find yourself in me,

And I myself in you.


Do you have a favorite love poem? What do you visualize when you read it? We can find the perfect background for your poem. Living with a beautiful inspirational text can lead you on the right path every time you read it!  Isn’t it time to have it written in beautiful calligraphy for it to inspire your love every day? Just contact me, and we can collaborate on the perfect design.

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