A Best Man’s Speech can be humorous, sentimental, bawdy. But the best ones are probably a combination of all of those characteristics. The Best Man certainly feels honored, and maybe a bit worried about standing up and talking in front of the wedding party. I’ve been told that many guys put a lot of thought and time into preparing this speech. There are even websites helping them to come up with great speeches!

During the wedding, it will be really moving to hear your husand’s best friend extoll his virtues with heartfelt words, and hysterical to hear some new stories that you may not have heard before!  But after the event, only snippets will be remembered…. unless….

Why not commemorate those words,  with a photo of your best man with Beautiful Calligraphy?! It makes a really nice present for your best man to show him that you appreciate his words. You can also pick and choose the phrases to include instead of writing out the entire speech! (don’t want to commemorate any embarrassing moments forever!).

The nice thing is, because it’s custom, you get to pick the text, the photos, the whole thing! You might just want to have a photo with the text of the toast. I’ve even had a request to design a piece around the Best Man’s Speech that was written on a napkin!

So, if you’re looking for an original gift – a one of a kind present for your Best Man, consider Beautiful Calligraphy! Just click here to request info.

Make it Beautiful, Lianda

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