Biblical verses, text and scripture are often requested in calligraphy services. Many people also have hymns that are meaningful to them. Calligraphy Bible text that is decorated with a visual background can give you joy and inspiration every time your eye notices the calligraphy art piece. They can be what I call, “words to live by”. That’s a double entendre that truly has meaning both ways. Keep beautiful words nearby to inspire and motivate you. The Bible can offer many examples of words that can do all this. Here’s my latest request:

Religious Hymn in calligraphy

Make sure you use your “mind’s eye” when reading the text. Envision the images you imagine when you read the Biblical verse. This will make the perfect background for your religious text. Biblical quotes can also be a wonderful gift for your minister – a moving retirement gift for your Pastor, Minister or Priest.

Here’s a certificate of Ordination that I did in calligraphy with traditional decoration.

Calligraphy Ordination Certificate


There’s always away to change plain text into something that truly makes your life more beautiful.

calligraphy signature make it beautiful

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