business resolution written in calligraphy

Business certificates, resolutions, and mission statements

are truly beautiful documents that can be proudly displayed in your offices. Resolutions, retirement certificates, awards are other calligraphy services that are available. If the resolution is also a memorial for an important person in your company, a certificate written in calligraphy is a truly special gift for the family as well.details of a hand calligraphy business award certificate

Because of the availability of giclee printers, a memorial certificate can be scanned and reprinted so you have a copy for your lobby or board room. Your company logo can be printed as part of the certificate as well.

Retirement, mission statements or resolutions written in calligraphy

I like adding gold details to business certificates. Leading letters can also be part of the design, if your text has multiple “Whereas” paragraphs. Business certificates can be done in contemporary design or very traditional. Designing the certificate is a process that takes significant time, so please make sure you’re not in a rush for this document!

Remember, when designing a business certificate, leave plenty of room for the name of the recipient. That’s the part that means the most to the person receiving the resolution! Please make sure to fill in all pertinent information on my contact form, and I’ll get back to you, generally within 24 hours or less.

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