Calligraphy is the art of beautiful handwriting. Calligraphy is an ancient art, but it has been “modernized” with improvements in technology.

In the past, if I wanted to decorate a calligraphy piece, I had to rely on drawing and painting by hand. It took a LOT of time, and it was pretty expensive! If someone wanted more than 1 piece, there was no cost effective way to print the calligraphy. It was less expensive to do a bunch of originals than to do offset printing in color! If I wanted to use calligraphy and photography, I’d use a mat board to combine both in a finished art piece. But for a long time, photoshop and personal printing has made it so much less expensive.

I remember when I first learned about photoshop and wondered if I’d be able to use calligraphy with photos. It took quite a while to learn photoshop. Even experts in the field of photography don’t use all the tools; and it’s like that with calligraphy. I had to find how to do effects with calligraphy that photographers don’t know about! Like how I can do drop shadows and other effects on the letters. How I could darken parts of the handwritten letters that came out light!  It took me about a year to learn to use photoshop just for calligraphy!

Calligraphy, Father's Day Gift | Lianda Ludwig |

Father’s Day Gift

So, what does that mean for you? WOW- you have options now! If you want me to do an art piece of calligraphy and combine it with your photograph, I can do it, and we can print one, or multiples! Although it’s printed, it can be personalized for one, or many people. And now it can be printed on so many items! 

How about getting a unique gift with motivational quotes on a coffee cup! On a T-shirt, a calendar, a mousepad…. there are now so many ways to have “words to live by” on items that you use all the time!  Of course, I can still do a handwritten calligraphy piece for you, AND we can use that to print as well. So you get more items at a reduced cost.

Let your imagination go wild- there’s plenty of time to think about it before the holidays!  Consider calligraphy gifts for birthdays, graduations, new baby gifts… And put yourself on the list!

Make it Beautiful, Lianda

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