Traditional 1st Year Wedding Anniversary

It’s not hard to come up with a unique anniversary gift for the Traditional First Anniversary. A memorable paper gift idea for traditional first year wedding anniversary present is personalized calligraphy! Other choices can be a decorated wedding certificate, marriage vows, a wedding song, a poem, or scripture. It can be combined with photography from your wedding, or hand decorated with a border design.

When I do a custom piece of calligraphy for a couple, I ask what colors and or flowers were used in the wedding. Sometimes¬†people have a theme wedding, and then I can use that theme as inspiration and incorporate these aspects into the design. Many couples put great effort into writing their marriage vows. They are spoken publicly on the day of the wedding, but then are only a memory. When your vows are written in calligraphy, framed and hung in your bedroom, they become “Words To Live By”. They remind you of the commitment and promise of your love. Sometimes when things are challenging, having those words nearby can rededicate you to the promises you made to each other on the day of your marriage, when your love was perfect.


Similarly, poetry that was recited during your wedding ceremony, or a song that was played for your first dance can be a lovely daily reminder of your marriage day if you have it framed and hanging in your bedroom. As I have learned and practiced using photoshop, now I can combine many choices of background as well as your photographs to make the gift be uniquely yours.

A beautiful calligraphy piece to frame and put in your bedroom is a unique and memorable gift idea that will always be treasured.

DSCN1500-283x300Wedding Anniversary Presents 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary
50th Golden Wedding Anniversary

In today’s world, it is a true accomplishment for couples to stay together for 25 years to reach the Silver Wedding Anniversary. Even more an accomplishment is reaching their 50th or Golden Wedding Anniversary! So many couples at this point in their lives say they don’t “need” anything else. Their homes are filled with vases, and other typical gift ideas. Here’s where calligraphy can become another unique and memorable present. I’ve done gifts where all of the friends of the couple had their names on a ray of sun, with the center of the sun being the name of the couple and the date of their wedding. It reminds the celebrating couple of the friends who care and who are a part of their lives.

Now, with the use of photoshop, I can also include photos of the couple: then and now to add more personalized memories. And this piece can be printed so that others in the family can also have their own copy!

So think about using calligraphy for custom gifts for the any anniversary and any occasion of love; Silver Anniversary, Golden Anniversary, Recommitment Vows, Songs and Love Poems.

Make it Beautiful, Lianda

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