wedding coupleCalligraphy is mostly associated with weddings. When I tell people that I’m a calligrapher, they ask if I do handwritten calligraphy for envelopes. Yes, I do, but calligraphy can be used in so many more ways! It all starts with love letters, leading to love poems; onto handwritten marriage proposals!In fact, I have a perfect record, having designed 6 proposals, and found out that 6 marriages followed!

Wedding Certificate, Quaker Text | By Lianda Ludwig |

Wedding Certificate, Quaker Text

Then of course, once the wedding is planned, calligraphy can be used to design a unique “save the date”, followed by a beautiful hand designed invitation. You can read more about how to take a “stock invitation” and turn it into a totally unique invitation by using calligraphy instead of a computer font. Then of course comes the wedding, where calligraphy can be a focal point during the ceremony by having a beautiful decorated Marriage Certificate, Ketuba or Quaker Certificate displayed, and then signed.

  • Church program written with calligraphy titles, monograms
  • Calligraphy Escort cards, Table cards
  • Coordinated Table numbers with calligraphy numbers and design
  • Menu – written with calligraphy

Of course, everyone loves to see their names written beautifully with hand calligraphy, so consider a wonderful quote about friendship for an original gift for your best man, maid of honor and attendants. It will be something they will always treasure!

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