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Do you want to learn calligraphy? Have you been searching for calligraphy classes? Perhaps you just need a calligraphy tune-up to improve your calligraphic writing skills?

Technology has made it easy for the teacher and student to communicate, even visually over long distances.

There are many options available through your computer. The best way is to scan in your calligraphy, and send it to me to look at with a critical eye. If you don’t have a scanner, you can take a close up picture of your calligraphy, and send it to me online. Or you can send me copies of your hand lettering via snail mail. Then we can schedule a call, or even a video call where I can point out the areas where you have done well, and those where you need to practice.

I will teach you how to appraise your own lettering, and the calligraphy of others to determine whether it is done well. Then it’s up to you to practice.

How long will this take? It’s up to you. We can schedule one session, and then determine how intensively you’d like to improve your lettering skills.

Oftentimes, It’s hard to find a good local teacher. In the last city where I lived, there was only an adult education class being given by a woman whose lettering skills were negligible. That’s not the way to learn! And learning from purchasing books will help you ONCE you know how to look at letters and “see” them. This is like learning how to see letters for the first time! And it can help you with your drawing skills as well!

Write to me for more information, and to schedule your session.

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