Custom Calligraphy Services creates a truly unique gift

Request your own Custom CalligraphyWhen you get a gift for someone you care about, it can take a lot of consideration. Clothes- what size, will it fit well, will they like it? A gift certificate is so “meh”… I bet when you saw these examples of calligraphy gifts you got excited? I bet you’d like someone to get this for YOU!

Calligraphy Services Online: Unique on the internet!

Whatever the occasion, Beautiful Calligraphy services online ordering offers you the opportunity to create a unique gift like no other without having to step outside your door. Combining handwritten calligraphy with your personal photograph (or other perfect background image); whether it’s for a wedding gift, a present for your spouse to celebrate your anniversary, an inspirational gift for a new graduate, a celebration of a new baby, we (you and me!) make an art piece that like no other. It’s hard to find a unique gift for the person who has everything- but you can bet that they don’t have a personalized calligraphy art piece with their favorite quote and photo!

Ordering Calligraphy Services Online

soldiers can use calligraphy services online to order gifts for family at homeWhy waste money on gas going to stores? My calligraphy services online solves the problem for when you can’t find a local calligrapher to customize a gift for your recipient. (actually, my calligraphy services are unique on the web!). I’ve been honored to work with our soldiers serving in the military who can’t go to the store to order an anniversary gift for their spouse in the states. Happily, my calligraphy services online ordering solves their problem.

One one occasion I got to personally deliver an anniversary gift to a military wife who lived near me. It really made me feel great to see her smile when she opened the calligraphy gift.

My calligraphy pieces have been ordered from England, Ireland, Switzerland, Iraq, Afghanistan, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Korea and nearby Canada and Mexico. It’s really an honor for me to know that my calligraphy art pieces are all over the world!


Not Creative? I’ll Help You

So many people claim that they’re not creative and can’t come up with ideas. But my calligraphy services include helping you to come up with the best ideas that I incorporate into the designs. Photoshop magic certainly helps to add personal photos and selfies to a background. As you can see in the photo above, the mother of the couple who ordered the calligraphy song lyrics piece said the couple loved porpoises- and I was able to add them to really make this calligraphy piece special for their shared passions.

We’ll collaborate together emailing a few times with questions and answers until you feel confident in the design. But don’t worry, because I’ll show you the “proof” before we go to print. At that point, it you want some changes in the size or placement I will edit the calligraphy piece. You must feel completely happy before the print is made.

Other calligraphy services online that I offer is editing- checking your spelling and grammar to make sure there are no errors. (I have a Masters degree in Education, and have written many papers, so I’m good at spelling, grammar and sentence construction).

The Perfect Gift for Someone who has EVERYTHING

Sometimes you’re stumped and don’t know what to get for the person who has everything. I remember a birthday party for my father where EVERYONE bought the same gift: a shirt! I don’t think it was planned that way, but after the 4th shirt, it actually became a joke. “Oh, a shirt, how nice!” my father would say smiling, after each package was opened. We laughed until the tears rolled down our faces! But seriously, how many clothes do you need?

Calligraphy on Everyday items

One of the other really nice things is that calligraphy can now be printed on all sorts of items. An apron can be printed with a calligraphy quote and a photo; personalized phone covers, shopping bags, of course T-shirts, coffee mugs, personalized stationery with your recipient’s initials or logo written in calligraphy…. and many other products that make fun gifts – just check out and look at all of the items to get inspired!

My calligraphy services online ordering also include printing on various surfaces for display. If you just want a small size piece of custom calligraphy, consider a print that is on a stand (without a traditional frame with glass). Personalized calligraphy with your photo looks great on your office desk, and really makes a statement.

The Perfect Occasions for Calligraphy

You may have a special occasion coming up, and you don’t know what to purchase. Instead of running store to store and still not finding the right gift, consider ordering calligraphy services online :

  • Wedding
  • Anniversary
  • Marriage Proposals
  • Love Poems
  • Song Lyrics
  • New Baby Gift
  • Special occasions: Valentine’s Day,
    Mother’s & Father’s Day, Christmas
  • Thank You & Gratitude to Friends
  • Birthday
  • House warming gift
  • Religious Scripture and Psalms
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Tattoo designs
  • Graduation
  • Business: Mission Statements, Retirement Awards
  • Memorials

So, no worries: I will help you bring out your inner artist by seeing what’s in your “mind’s eye” when you read your poem or text. Everyone is creative! Together we’ll find the perfect background that will enhance your words. Or you can look through the background options available at Beautiful Calligraphy. The sky’s no limit!

All calligraphy pieces are designed in collaboration with your preferences- whether you love a traditional border or a contemporary look, we will come up with the perfect design together. My work is guaranteed to please – just read my rave reviews! Click to contact me and get started.

If you’d like to see more examples and learn more about our custom calligraphy services please visit these pages:

Weddings & Anniversaries  |  Love Poems & Quotes  |  Baby Gifts & Keepsakes  |  Custom Memorials
Religious & Inspirational  |  Holidays & Events  |  Business Certificates, Resolutions, and Mission Statements

Your Calligraphy Gift – Uniquely Printed and Framed and Ready to Hang 

Your calligraphy art piece can be printed on a variety of amazing surfaces that will not need additional traditional framing – and it comes ready to hang, right out of the box! Imagine how great your calligraphy piece will look printed on canvas, metal, wood, glass or acrylic (and the time it will save you as well)!

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