Business certificates, resolutions, and mission statements

Calligrapher holding a completed certificate written in calligraphy with gold added to the letters of the recipient's name.Business Certificates Made Special

Business certificates with the recipients name that stands out is a beautiful gift that your special employees really appreciate. Instead of typing in their names on a line, filling in their names with calligraphy can make that award really special for a deserving employee! I always recommend leaving a LOT of space so their name can be extra large. That’s really what people want to see: their names in calligraphy. Your staff spends a lot of time at work, and something as simple as a business award can have a very positive and motivating effect on your employees. A calligraphy business certificate will show them that you appreciate them and their efforts in your business!

Calligraphy for Mission Statements and Proclamations

Custom Hand calligraphy and design elevates your Company’s Mission Statement, Awards, Long-term Service Awards, Proclamations, Dedications, and Retirement Certificates to a beautiful piece of art . If you need help with writing your business awards, check out this article. Some companies like a more traditional look, others will ask me for more “flourishes” and design work. I can do either request and use various calligraphy styles. Traditional or contemporary designs using shining 22 carat gold adds another dimension and makes the award literally shine! (that’s why it’s called “illumination”!

whereas written in calligraphy

These business certificates and resolutions become truly beautiful documents that incorporate your company logo can be proudly displayed in your offices. Retirement certificates, awards and Mission Statements (all using your company logo) are other calligraphy services also available. It looks really impressive to have a calligraphy Mission Statement in your entry for your business.

NOTE: If the resolution is also a memorial for an important person in your company, having an additional calligraphy certificate printed for their home, along with one for your offices is a truly special gift for the family as well.

Whether you chose to simply fill in names on your business certificates, or have an entire scroll designed, Beautiful Calligraphy makes all the difference in showing your company’s care and attention to getting only the best!

HINT: Remember, to leave plenty of room for the name of the recipient. That’s the part that means the most to the person receiving the resolution!

Here are some samples of previous custom Business Applications

Beautiful Calligraphy for your Business ApplicationsEach year, awards recipients honored by Western National Parks Association are delighted by certificates with Lianda’s exceptional calligraphy and beautiful drawings. In the past, names were typeset and printed on the certificates, and the certificates were often tucked away in a box somewhere and soon forgotten. Now, the certificates featuring Lianda’s calligraphy are finding a place of honor on the walls of National Park visitor centers across the West.”

Dan Stebbins, Editor Western National Parks Association

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