Customized Calligraphy for Holidays & Events

A Christmas Gift that EVERYONE Loves!

Christmas poem written in calligraphy displayed with other holiday itemsYou know Christmas Holiday Season has begun when you see Christmas trees in Costco and Walmart. It does seem to start earlier each year. But that gives you more time to get your holiday decorations ready for this special time of year.

Calligraphy is a perfect way to decorate for the holidays. You can start a new a holiday tradition with a favorite holiday poem written in calligraphy. It can be framed with holiday colors and displayed on your fireplace mantle to get everyone to get in the holiday spirit. The poem in the photo was written by the father of the family about his joy of spending the holiday with his family. It’s really a treasured keepsake for the family. If no one in your family is a poet, there’s certainly a lot of Christmas poems to choose from. Or you could have your favorite holiday song lyrics written out and include a family photo.

Personal Christmas Gifts

Religious scripture  and texts are also a perfect Christmas gifts. They can be decorated in a way that makes them look historical, or contemporary.



Holiday season is always my busiest time. Because all of my work is hand-written custom calligraphy designed specially for you, please give me sufficient time so I can do my best job for you. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!

cartoon of overworked scribes


Here are some samples of previous custom requests:

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