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There are so many framing options nowadays to have your finished calligraphy art piece framed. Because calligraphy is combined with photography and beautiful backgrounds on the same archival paper, it will necessitate it being printed on a surface of your choice.  In the past you’d have to hand carry your delivered finished calligraphy art to a local framer of your choice. However now that I am working with hand written and then scanned and printed digital files, these can now be sent directly to the company that will print and frame your piece and deliver it directly to you!

There are also many different options for printing and framing as well. There are so many choices, it can be overwhelming. You can see the options by clicking here.

Calligraphy Love Poem in Gallery wrapFollowing are some of the most popular ways to print and frame your calligraphy. Besides having your calligraphy art printed onto watercolor paper, it can instead be printed onto canvas and stretched to give a very contemporary look called “gallery wrap”.

One type of gallery wrap is called the continuous mirrored border because the print continues on the side of the artwork, so you can see the art from the side as well as directly in front of you. There is no frame. It looks like a narrow kind of “box” without a frame and hangs directly on your wall. It’s a very cool, contemporary looking way of framing your artwork! Just open the package, put a tack or nail in the wall, and hang your finished calligraphy piece. EASY!

example of artwork printing on canvas in a thin wrap frameThe company I work with also has developed the newest approach to gallery wrap. It’s a thin wrap, but you can still see the sides of the picture. It stands away from the wall, but it’s not a boxy look. I think it’s a wonderful alternative to the traditional gallery wrap.

artwork printing on metal surface for contemporary framing alternativeAnother surface that is being used for digital printing is on METAL! There are different finishes available – either seeing the metal surface, or having an glossy finish. You can also choose rounded corners or straight. It’s GORGEOUS! There’s a block on the back of the metal so it stands away from the wall. Don’t you love it? It’s especially nice for photography and contemporary tastes.

wood print with additional exterior frameThe absolute newest choice in printing/framing is printing on actual WOOD! You can  see the texture of the wood through the print. And, you can have a border of the wood around the print- which is almost like a new type of contemporary frame. Although this type of printing is a bit more expensive that the other alternatives, it’s a timeless look, and may be the best method for your particular quote and taste.example of art photo print on wood

The bottom line is: there are LOTS of considerations for alternatives to printing on paper and using traditional framing. They may actually cost less that getting a frame, matting and glass as well – and it will become your favorite art piece because it’s YOUR choice of quote/text and photography.  Go for it! You deserve it.

example of acrylic framing

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