Pricing & Rates for Custom Calligraphy


Poetry, Quotes, & Custom Designed Work
$ 60.00 per hour, $125.00 minimum (very short text)
(This is a guesstimate. I will  try to work within your budget – that’s why I your budget info from you when you first write to me.)
Extra long text    I have options available to combine calligraphy and computer fonts to  lower the prices significantly on very long poems, and text. Contact me for details.
Envelope Addressing (Note: Please provide all name lists in alphabetical order. We suggest that you use our Guest List Form and read our Tips).
Outside Only: $ 3.25 for 3 lines (italic styles)
$ 3.75 (copperplate styles)
$ 4.00 for 3 lines in metalic paint
each extra line: $1.25  Italic Only
$ 1.50 for copperplate styles
Traditional Inner & Outer: $ 4.50 per set (italic styles)
$ 4.75 (copperplate styles)
If name is written “traditionally”:
Mr. & Mrs. John Smith
Personalization is extra
$1.25 for each extra line Italic only
$1.50 for copperplate styles
Custom Colors: $ 20.00 per 150 envelopes
Light Writing on Dark  Lined Envelope: $ 1.75 per line
$.50 extra per line
Shiny Envelopes: $ 1.50 per line
Surfaces Needing Treatment: $ 2.00 per line
Table Cards $2.00 each (Includes table number)
If name is written “traditionally”:
Mr. & Mrs. John Smith
Extra lines $.75 each (multiple names or additional table #s.) Personalization is extra (John & Sue Smith)
Extra Rush Jobs available, at extra charge. Postage and handling fees are in addition to the above prices for calligraphy. Overnight, second day delivery charges apply. Handling fees will just be the price of packing materials. I will reuse any box that your materials are sent in whenever possible, to keep this cost at a minimum.


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