Pricing & Rates for Custom Calligraphy


Poetry, Quotes, & Custom Designed Work $ 60.00 per hour, $125.00 minimum (very short text)
(This is a guesstimate. I will  try to work within your budget – that’s why I your budget info from you when you first write to me.)
Extra long text  I have options available to combine calligraphy and computer fonts to  lower the prices significantly on very long poems, and text. Contact me for details.


You may wonder why writing only a few lines in calligraphy is so costly. Here’s a story for you to read and understand…..


chinese brush painting of a rooster

There was once a king who loved the graceful curves of the rooster. He asked an artist to paint a picture of a rooster for him. For one year he waited and still this order was not fulfilled. Every year for five years, the King visited the artist In a rage, he stomped into the studio and demanded to see the artist.

This time, the artist quickly the artist brought out paper, paint, and brush. In five minutes a perfect picture of a rooster emerged from her skillful brush. The king turned purple with anger, saying, “If you can paint a perfect picture of a rooster in five minutes, why did you keep me waiting for over five years?”

“Come with me,” begged the artist. She led the king to her storage room. Paper was piled from the floor to the ceiling. On every sheet was a painting of a rooster.

“Your Majesty,” explained the artist,

“it took me more than 10 years to learn how to paint a perfect rooster in five minutes.”


When you think that you only have a few words to be written out in calligraphy, remember that I have been studying for over thirty years.

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