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Words To Live By- Religious Scripture


Religious scripture, Biblical verses, text, psalms and personal prayers and words that express  love of Christianity and Jesus Christ are often requested in calligraphy services. Many people also have religious musical hymns that are meaningful to them. Bible text that’s written in calligraphy can be decorated with a visual background, or a beautiful and historical looking border design to give you joy and inspiration every time your eye notices the calligraphy art piece. That’s what I call, “Words to Live By”. That’s a double entendre that truly has meaning both ways. Wouldn’t you like to keep these beautiful words nearby to inspire and motivate and comfort you?

There are so many beautiful images to choose from for the perfect background for your religious scripture. It makes the text even more beautiful to look at!


Bible verse calligraphy or any religious scripture can be designed to look historical, with decorated leading letters and designs. But if you’re on a budget, this is very time consuming and exacting work. This kind of decoration in the letter “L” is called “white vine illumination”. You can see the white vine with the colors behind that look like a stained glass window. Real gold is added, and that’s the illumination – the light that the gold reflects. It is really beautiful and very expensive because of the materials- REAL gold, and gesso, and the time it takes.

There are wonderful modern day scribes whose calligraphy services specialize in doing this ancient type of design handwork. Oftentimes these scribes who work on Bible scripture are also artists who design, paint and do raised gold illumination on actual parchment. The parchment alone, which is animal skin, can cost hundreds of dollars and take many hours to prepare for writing.

calligraphy example white vine illumination decorated leading letter L

History of Calligraphy

Before there were printed books, such as the Gutenberg Bible, Europeans made handwritten books or manuscripts for more than a thousand years! Far back in history, scribes were some of the very few people who knew how to read and write. Their contribution to the future was immeasurable. Before the time of the printing press, the only way that books survived was when scribes copied them – MANY times over! The scribes, who were most often monks, had to learn how to write in a particular style of calligraphy that was the style of the place and time. Then these books were kept in Churches to preserve them for the future.

How Hand Written Books were Saved

Scribes didn’t just copy Biblical text, but also other books from their times that were considered important. I read a fascinating book about this: “The Swerve”, by Stephen Greenblatt, who won the National Book Award. The author brought out really important ideas about how the writings and teachings from the past would have all been lost if not for people who collected, protected and disseminated these important books to others throughout the centuries. From reading this book I realized that apart from some charred papyrus fragments recovered from a villa near Pompeii that survived the explosion of Mount Vesuvius, there are no surviving contemporary manuscripts from the ancient Greek and Roman world! Everything that has reached us is a copy, most often very far removed in time, place and culture from the original. And these copies represent only a small portion of the works even of the most celebrated writers of antiquity. The Swerve is a must read!

cartoon of overworked scribes


I am honored to write meaningful words for people from all religions. I will never discriminate against any religious group as long as the words are peaceful.

Calligraphy- names of God

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“I started with a rough draft of text and Lianda turned it into a wonderful piece of art. She hand picked the picture and I cried when I saw it. It summed up what the words meant to me and was everything I was looking for and more. The calligraphy just put it over the top for me. She even suggested I print it on metal and I couldn’t be happier with the decision. I can’t thank her enough for my artwork that I will display somewhere where I will see it every day.”

Mark V. Raynham, MA

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