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Business Awards & Applications

Custom Hand calligraphy and design will beautify your Company’s Mission Statement, Awards, Long-term Service Awards, Proclamations, Dedications, and Retirement Certificates. Traditional or contemporary designs using shining 22 carat raised gold leaf will show the value of your words. Company Logo is seamless incorporated into your document. Whether you chose to simply personalize your certificates, or have an entire scroll designed, Beautiful Calligraphy makes all the difference!
Award Ceremony

Anniversary Gifts

The traditional 1st year anniversary present is paper. If you didn’t have a marriage certificate made for your wedding day, remembering those vows in a beautiful calligraphy piece is a wonderful remembrance of your special day! Incorporating photography, perhaps that first song, the invitation can add a personal dimension to your piece of art!
I Love You Quote - can be personalized

Wedding & Commitment Certificates

Weddings are the time when people typically think about calligraphy for addressing envelopes. But Beautiful Calligraphy can be so much more! Consider having your guests sign your decorated Marriage or Commitment Certificate that will always remind you of this most joyful day. Perhaps you’d like a Traditional 1st Year Anniversary Gift of Paper: your wedding vows, or wedding song tastefully reflecting the style of your home. Incorporating a wedding invitation and/or wedding photo with calligraphy and decoration makes an original one of a kind gift! And for gentlemen, one of the most original ideas is to have your marriage proposal written in beautiful calligraphy to always remember the romantic loving feelings of the day she said “Yes”!
Arbor Border

Invitations & Fonts

Nearly all the time, calligraphy has been used to commemorate a happy occasion. Here are some examples of traditional as well as contemporary invitations. I can refer you for custom designed invitations. (read about “About” to find out how this works). You’ll also see various styles of calligraphy, which we call “Hands”, referred to as “Fonts” in computer lingo.
Contemporary Invitation on handmade

Housewarming Gift Ideas

Nearly all the time, calligraphy has been used to commemorate a happy occasion. A housewarming gift: house blessing or saying is an really original gift idea that you don’t have to worry that someone else will give first! Think about a calligraphy gifts for pet owners: a quote about dogs, or their cat!
Interesting border technique

Memorials & Eulogies

Nearly all the time, calligraphy has been used to commemorate a happy occasion. However, a way to keep the memory of a loved one near is with words of remembrance. As the grief subsides, a photo of your departed loved one in a happy setting with a quote, poem or eulogy will bring back those joyful times you shared.
Poem for a young man who died too young

New Parents with newborn baby

For an original new baby present that will never be outgrown, calligraphy is the perfect idea. A name definition, a poem about little boys or gifts, or a decorative birth certificate will be a treasured gift!
O’Brien’s Name

Poems & Quotes

Perhaps it’s a poem, an inspirational or motivational quote or even a song lyric. With Beautiful Calligraphy, be inspired by the different approaches to customize and personalize by getting ideas from the presentations below. Keep in mind: What will your gift recipient prefer? If you’re not sure, think about their homes, or the clothes they wear. Are their tastes more traditional or do they like more contemporary approaches? What colors? Do they have a favorite flower, or time of year.... Even if you don’t feel like you’re artistic, together we can collaborate to come up with the perfect design that will become a treasured gift for years to come!
Work Love Dance by Rumi

Gifts for Professionals & Graduates

Caligraphy has been used to commemorate a happy occasion. A quote that is meaningful for the new professional, inspirational saying will always be treasured! These are "Words to live by".
Quote with incorporating photo

Religious & Spiritual Quotes

People are moved by religious scripture and spiritual writings. When they’re placed on our walls, they remind us, rededicate us and can support us through trying times, and remind us to pay attention to the important things in life!
Psalm 32:7

Songs & Lyrics

A favorite song with its lyrics makes a great gift for the music lover!
Summer Wind

Special Occasions & Unique Gifts

If you are looking for a gift that will never be out of style, consider beautiful calligraphy. Mothers/Father’s Day.... Birthdays, Graduations are all great opportunities to give a gift of words to live by...
Design on Organic Fairtrade Reusable Bags

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