Christian Prayer written in calligraphy superimposed on a background of a man looking at an awesome sunset

Religious Quotes and Psalms

Custom Calligraphy is the best way to have those important prayers nearby to inspire you. Other spiritual and inspirational quotes can get you through hard times by focusing on them in a meditative or prayerful way.

I was very happy when my client decided to use this beautiful photograph of a person viewing an awesome sunset instead of plain parchment paper. In photography, sunsets that are particularly beautiful are referred to as “God Skies”.  I’m sure that he will appreciate looking at his quote even more when he views that truly amazing sunset- a gift from God…

One of my frequent requests are Christian prayers and Biblical text. If you are in a Bible Study Group, you might want to order multiples of your groups favorite prayers (multiple prints are deeply discounted) for gifts.

Corinthians quote from the bible written in gothic style calligraphyThe Song of Solomon, and Corinthians from the Old Testament are also frequently requested quotes to be written in calligraphy.






What is your favorite Psalm? Ordering one for yourself will have a big impact every time you see it – it’s a great reminder about the power of prayer!Biblical Psalm written in calligraphy superimposed upon a mountain sunset scene



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