Custom Calligraphy Order Request

Thanks for writing to inquire about ordering custom Calligraphy Services from Beautiful Calligraphy. I will respond to all inquires and provide an estimate within 24 hours.

There have been problems with gmail and yahoo not being delivered to your inbox. So, if you don’t hear back from me, please check your SPAM messages. So sorry for this inconvenience. ?

I’m looking forward to collaborating with you to create a beautiful calligraphy piece!

NEVER shared with any other business... no worries
I'll text you 1 time ONLY if it seems like you didn't receive my email (that it may have gone into spam folder).
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Whenever possible, I will design something that fits within your price range. (Note: My rate is $60 per hour, $125 minimum order.) ** IMPORTANT: The way I can tell whether there is anything that I can do in your price range is to understand your budget needs. For example: Do you want an "Smart Car" or an "Infinity"? It takes me a lot of time to come up with a design, and if I know that the most you want to spend is $150, then I can tell you immediately whether I can accommodate your budget, or if you should instead consider a personalized print as an option. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation!

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