Steve Jobs famous university commencement speech is a famous quote written in calligraphy with background of green apple with the red one standing out from the crowd

Famous Quotes from Famous People

My custom calligraphy services frequent requests to write quotes from famous people: the ones we most admire. Your choice of a quote actually says a lot about you. What you believe in, how you live your life, what you are passionate about often comes from the people we admire and aspire to be like, and the things they say. If you listen to public speakers they will often quote others who they admire and follow. If you want to inspire others, it often comes down to quoting other’s important sayings, and even jokes. These sayings don’t even have to be from modern times – luckily, we have the words of historical figures whose quotes have inspired and motivated and moved people for centuries. They are timeless.

Quotes are available everywhere, even used for advertisements on bill boards, on the internet, in libraries. One of the reasons we love reading quotes, and perhaps even writing them down and pasting them to your workspace is because they speak to you. Famous quotes are empathetic and tell the reader that they are not the first person to find the thoughts expressed in the quote as meaningful. Inspirational and motivational quotes serve as
advisors to us. Oftentimes the people who speak these quotes are political figures, literary giants, beloved leaders and even famous personalities.

Although Bonnie Raitt is a well known musician, I was listening to her concert and heard her say something that really resonated with me: “It took me a long time to get here, but I’m right on time”.   Do you ever feel that way?

Inspirational quotes are wonderful gifts for college graduates. I wrote this wonderful prophetic paragraph in calligraphy from an inspirational speech Steve Jobs gave at a university graduation. The image of one red apple that stood out from the rest was the perfect graphic to go with the inspirational quote from Apple Founder, Jobs.

A high-powered very successful entrepreneur recently had a request for a Theodore Roosevelt quote. Writing calligraphy is more than just putting words on a piece of paper. It’s finding the meaningful words in a text, and making those stand out from the rest. With calligraphy this can be achieved by emphasizing the size, color or type of lettering in an important phrase.  The result is a seeing a subtext in a longer piece of writing.

Famous quote by TR (Roosevelt) written in calligraphy with subtext emphasized in red on black background

What words speak to you? Get them off little snippets of paper stuck to your computer, and have them written in custom calligraphy for your inspiration and motivation for a unique gift or to encourage YOU to be your best self.

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