Calligraphy vows with photo of two brides celebrating their gay wedding

How  to Commemorate a Gay Wedding

It’s wonderful that LOVE triumphs and Gay people can now join straights in getting married! I did this calligraphy art piece when the brother wanted a present for his sister and new sister-in-law. Their marriage vows are side by side with this wonderful spontaneous photograph of the two brides.

This Gay Couple waited a LONG Time to be able to Marry

For so many years Gay couples were discriminated against, unable even to be in the hospital along with the partner in times of sickness. It was heartbreaking. But FINALLY the laws have changed and people who love each other are now able to make it official and marry! Lawfully wedded! Wonderful. Commemorate your marriage or the marriage of your Gay or Straight friends and relatives with a photo from their wedding and their vows, first dance, love poem or any text of your choice to personalize your calligraphy art piece. You can get it printed in many ways– ready to hang, right out of the box!
Marriage vows written in calligraphy along with wedding picture of two grooms at their wedding ceremony


I’m also pleased to offer custom wedding certificates – this one designed by the grooms- with places for signatures of the guests. Let’s collaborate a design the perfect personalized custom calligraphy gay wedding certificate for the ones you love! Click on any of the photos to get started with your inquiry.

gay wedding certificate with spaces for signatures

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