Gift for a Golfer

You know how golfers always want to be on the golf course with their regular foursome or best buddies. Whether it’s a woman or male golfer in your life, a funny or philosophical quote about golf is a gift they will definitely appreciate. I did this custom calligraphy golf quote for a man, a golfer himself, to give to his brother-in-law who was part of his foursome. It was for a sixtieth birthday gift. He had a picture of the foursome, but the background wasn’t great, and the photo was a very small resolution.

And unfortunately, the golfers faces were partly in shadow. The most important thing you want to see in a photo is the person’s face. Hint: take off your sunglasses because your eyes are the windows to your soul, as they say!


Of course, I’m looking at this picture with a critical eye because I want to do the best possible job for my customers. First of all, the photo was a very small resolution. (read 7 Essential Tips to take great photos). When you go to print a picture, if it’s not a high or full resolution the picture is either going to be very blurry, or very tiny!

The golf foursome were directly in the middle of the photo which makes it hard to figure out where to put the calligraphy poem about golf. Of course I could just box the picture and put the calligraphy on the side.  But people seem to like it better when the calligraphy is superimposed directly on the picture itself.

The good news is I was able to enlarge the new photo and use photoshop magic to place the golf foursome buddies on a better background of a golf course. That way I had a nice green grassy area to add the wonderful philosophical golf poem and it could be easily read. After all, that’s the most important part of calligraphy, no? You want to be able to read the text!

Below is the final. When you order additional copies of the same paper printed calligraphy, the price for each goes down! So take that into consideration when you’re ordering!

Golf or Any Sport

And remember, there are great poems about all sports! Sports quotes are unique holiday gifts. Let’s design the perfect gift for your sport!


Make It Beautiful, Lianda

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