Handwriting can be beautiful and legible if it is taught that way to children in school. Unfortunately, we are cutting out teaching so many important skills in the schools. Parents should encourage the schools to teach children good handwriting. I have had to redo job applications for people who were embarrassed at their own penmanship! In truth we do perhaps, unconsciously judge people by their writing. So, take your time when writing, and encourage your children to write beautifully.

There are so many people who write books, and there are some who are better at the craft than others. I don’t like to say anything disparaging, but there are a couple of writers who I would go to last:

Margaret Shepherd, and Ken Brown are a couple. If you would like an opinion before purchasing a book, you can write to me with the name, and link, and I can take a look at it to see whether I would recommend it.

Eleanor Winters was one of my teachers. She is very talented, and a great teacher. Her creativity is inspirational. Here’s a couple of books, one for children, and one for adults who are beginners.

Make it Beautiful, Lianda

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