Designing Your Calligraphy Art

Let’s create together to make the perfect design for you

Coming up with a design for your calligraphy art piece is a collaborative effort. Do you have a quote, poem, song lyric or other text and want to create a special gift for someone, or make a piece for yourself? There are considerations for how to design your piece to make it truly special for you! My goal is to bring out the sentiment of the quote, either with a graphic decoration, or emphasis on words, titles, etc… That way, you have words “to live by” – and enjoy.

Designing Calligraphy for a gift

When you’re making this a gift for someone else, it’s important to realize that they may not have the same tastes or needs that you have! Some people first tell me the colors that they like and they type of designs that they prefer. That’s when I gently remind them: what about the person who is going to receive the gift? What kind of person are they, what style of dress, decoration, colors do THEY like? That’s what will make the best gift!


So many people tell me:
“I just want black writing on cream color or parchment paper”. 

Black writing on parchment or cream color paper

Please don’t ask me for calligraphy in black ink on parchment or cream color paper. Just like a book cover, or any print advertisements, you’ll see some design component along with the text. It’s the graphic design aspect that gets your attention so you’ll read the words! The reason advertisement makes so much money and gets your attention is because it combines graphic design with text.

birds took the place of sister's photos in this calligraphy poem where the author wished for more sisters

What if you believe: “I’m not creative”, “I don’t know what I like”….

I want to do the BEST JOB possible for all my clients and help you discover what kind of design will work best with your quote. That’s why I’d like you to consider this: If you have looked around my site, you’ll notice that 99% of my pieces have some decorative background- it can be including a personal photograph, or finding the perfect background design that works with your text. I STRONGLY encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zone. I have some selected backgrounds, but there are a LOT more to choose from. Here’s how…

Close your eyes and think about your text. What do you see in “your mind’s eye”? We THINK in pictures. This may drive you crazy next time you are reading something, but stop as you’re reading and focus on what you are picturing as you are reading. See – I told you! You have a picture of something in your head! Now go to and put in those search terms or keywords. Save the pictures you like in a “lightbox” or save the ID#’s and send them to me. Make sure there’s a place in the photo where I can place the calligraphy. Believe me, you will be happy you put in this effort when you see the final result.

Let’s get started on YOUR calligraphy art piece- all you need is an idea, and we can work together. Click here to contact me.

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