An older couple married on a Mexican beach with the husband's vows written out

Love is ageless!


Marriage Vows Written in Calligraphy

Commemorate your joys with calligraphy! Marriage is a celebration of love and this new husband could not be more thrilled with his new wife, and the calligraphy. Here’s what he wrote to me:

Lianda, this looks amazing, OMG!!!! Thanks, so beautiful beyond my expectations, thank you!” Dan G. 

The original photo of this happy couple was centered on the beach background in Mexico. Dan wrote to me and wanted his marriage vows to his new wife to be written in beautiful calligraphy. But where could I put the calligraphy marriage vows of this new husband?

no place for calligraphy on this photo

no place for calligraphy on this photo- thank goodness for Photoshop magic!

When you want your poem or text written on a photo, it’s important to have a place for the words. Luckily, photoshop came to the rescue and I was able to magically add more beach and a place for the calligraphy, and straighten out the horizon! (I removed their last names for privacy).

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calligraphy signature make it beautiful

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