Peace of Wild Things

Can a poem actually bring down your stress level? That’s exactly why this beautiful inspirational  poem, “The Peace of Wild Things” by Wendell Berry is my most popular order for the past year. Having “words to live by” near you can remind you of the things that are out important in your life: the people you care about, the environment, your pets, a song that makes you feel good….


I know this is a blog about calligraphy, and I want you to also realize that the power of words (along with imagery) can have a profound impact on your life. Inspirational quotes have a power to heal, especially when you repeat them – like in prayers and affirmations. The Peace of Wild Things is about focusing on things other than human activities, which are so often destructive and violent. Animals, for the most part are uninvolved and busy living their lives- except when humans interfere.  Peace of Wild Things expresses the way to change your focus and manage or hopefully get rid of your fear.


Inspirational Words To Live By

What words have power for you? One of the most powerful quotes which was ascribed to both Nelson Mandella and Marianne Williamson is also a meaningful message to remind you of your own inner strength. Inspirational quotes abound and you may already have a favorite quote. Perhaps you hand wrote it and stuck it near your desk to inspire and motivate you. It looks a lot better written in calligraphy with a beautiful image. I’ve found the greatest website with beautiful free photos that we can incorporate into YOUR favorite quote. Make sure you put in search words and save the pictures you love.

Inspirational quotes make heartfelt gifts. The Serenity Prayer is one of the most recited quotes for people in recovery. It can be made with any type of background you choose. I can add any background image you prefer. Just click below to get started on your favorite inspirational quote and words to live by.

Make It Beautiful, Lianda

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