Our Greatest Fear - Marianne Williamson

I’ve seen so many people use their computer, or even print by hand an inspirational quote that they love. Then they stick it up with tape, or a thumbtack!  It reminds and motivates them to live up to those words.  They take those words and put them in a place where they will be seen daily. There’s hardly a house you’ll walk into that doesn’t have something that’s written: some text- a house blessing, a prayer, a family motto. Do YOU have a quote you love by your desk or maybe on your refrigerator?

People love seeing their names written in fancy writing. With all the computer fonts available, calligraphy STILL stands out for it’s originality and beauty.  If you have someone that you are always stumpted to find a perfect gift, think about the words they use.. Consider a quote that they would like. It can be framed and put on their desk, or on their wall. It can even be made into a tiny card to put in their wallet… a blessing maybe?

You are only limited by your own imagination-

And remember, getting an inspirational quote for the one you love may mean getting it for YOURSELF! You deserve it!

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