a first anniversary gift for a non-traditional couple, standing on a pier for a wedding photo with a poem written by the father of groom in calligraphy

Long Poem and Short Budget

There are so many long poems and texts that we love. It could be a Best Man’s speech at a wedding, Biblical scripture, an epic poem (such as “IF” by Rudyard Kipling, or “Desiderata”). It probably doesn’t look so great scribbled on lined yellow paper, or typed and stuck over your computer with a thumbtack ?. And perhaps you’ve been wanting to have it written in calligraphy, but you know it’s going to cost a lot because it’s so long!

Lower Cost Option For Long Poems

Fonts on computers have come a long way. Because I’m using photoshop along with hand written calligraphy, I can combine a terrific and appropriate computer font with handwritten calligraphy titles and personalization. Click on each picture and see how well matched the calligraphy is when combined with the computer font! I think you’ll agree, it really looks wonderful! Especially when the text is combined with a perfect background picture, the result is fabulous! Truly! Check out these examples below.

How much does the calligraphy cost?

I love doing calligraphy and making people happy. That’s why I ask your budget when you submit an inquiry. I try to work within your budget whenever possible. So, when you have a really long text, combining calligraphy with a good looking computer font and a beautiful background is a great solution. Let’s make something for YOU!

Signature - Make It Beautiful, Lianda


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