Lilies of the valley on wooden textured background

I just LOVE doing calligraphy for romantic husbands who write poetry for their wives for Valentine’s Day!

This husband knew his wife’s favorite flower is Lily of the Valley.  We found the perfect photograph on Stockfresh.  If you want to use your own photograph, make sure your photo is high resolution in order to have a crisp print. Many people have their cameras set to take a low resolution picture. Make sure you check your settings on your camera, so you always have the option of getting a really good print!

Then I hand write the love poem, or your choice of poem or quote in calligraphy. It’s scanned, resized, and I work on the layout to fit perfectly with the photo of your choice. Then the superimposed calligraphy is perfectly laid out on the photograph or background of your choice. (I always send my clients a picture of the finished work before it’s printed to make sure they love it!) Don’t forget to add your personalization. That makes the piece special for your loved one!

Calligraphy Love Poem in Gallery wrap

The final part is printing. This husband chose to get the calligraphy love poem gallery wrapped. It’s a great alternative to traditional framing. The print goes around the sides so it can be see in all directions.

Doesn’t it look great? I’m working on another one right now! The next one can be yours! If you don’t get a calligraphy love poem for Valentine’s Day, you can still get one for yourself for any occasion!

Make it Beautiful, Lianda

Just think how great it would be to have your favorite inspirational or motivational quote right over your desk!  You deserve it!

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