Marriage Vows

One of my popular requests is writing marriage vows in calligraphy. Sometimes it’s the husband’s requests for his vows, sometimes it’s the wife’s request to have her vows. If the vows are not too long, I can incorporate about husband and wife’s vows into one piece.  It’s nice if you can use a wedding photo, but having a background that reflects the theme of the wedding is also nice, as in the snow flakes design.

This couple who lived and married in Hawaii had two pieces done to hang side by side. They recently moved from Hawaii and sold everything EXCEPT the calligraphy marriage vows. They really treasure those art pieces – and the promises they spoke to each other on their wedding day. These vows were placed over the couple’s bed! Good nightly reminder – never go to bed angry!

This couple’s vows were relatively short and I was able to write both wedding vows together on piece piece. Their taste is also more traditional, so the beautiful scroll work joined their vows together. They had a lovely photograph that completes the picture.

Both husband and wife's marriage vows personalized and written in calligraphy with their photo


Traditional One Year Anniversary Gift

The one year traditional anniversary gift is paper, calligraphy fits perfectly! Here are some examples. Even if it’s not your first anniversary, it’s a wonderful gift that expresses your love. And if it’s not your first year anniversary, then you can look at some of the contemporary ways to print and not have to buy a frame for your calligraphy- you’ll love them!

Renew Marriage Vows

I think it’s so lovely to hear about a couple renewing their marriage vows after years of living together. With the divorce rate being so high, it makes you feel good to hear a story of soul mates who want to renew their vows after 25 or even 50 years. I’m always happy to participate in such a great rededication of love.. Here are two examples.


I hope that you have such a wonderful marriage that you’ll request me to write your renewal of marriage vows in calligraphy!

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