Famous_Quote-200Inspirational and motivational quotes really work to keep you moving towards your goals.  You read it, and it reminds you that you can achieve your goal.  Sometimes the quotes are serious, some funny; but they are special to you. I call them “Words To Live By”. Instead of having your favorite quote on a post it note on your computer, wouldn’t it be more meaningful to have it done beautifully, in calligraphy?

YOU deserve to gift yourself! You don’t have to give calligraphy to someone else as a gift! Why not get yourself an inspirational of motivational quote – Not black writing on cream colored paper; but incorporating the artwork that comes to your “mind’s eye” when you read that quote.

I love working together with my clients: collaborating for the perfect visual image that will be there for you always. It doesn’t wear out, get too large, or too small. It lasts a lifetime. Beautiful Calligraphy IS the perfect gift for you, and the people you care about!

When you are ready to get your favorite quote done in custom calligraphy, just fill out my form, and I’ll get right back to you! Don’t be surprised if you hear from me the same day!

Have a Beautiful Day!




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