A New Baby!

When a new baby comes into the world, it’s so exciting! It gives you the fun chance to go to the stores and look at all of those adorable outfits for the little one. But parents get so many baby clothes for gifts. If you have a baby yourself, you know how fast they grow out of the clothes. So when you have a special friend or relative who has a new baby, you want your gift to be unique, and something special for them.

Unique Baby Decorated Birth Certificate

That’s why a decorated Baby Birth Certificate is the perfect unique gift. These custom calligraphy gifts are unique and personalized with the baby’s birth information. It’s a nice house present, as well as a gift for the baby. I love to add fun images and lots of color in the piece. That way it will catch the baby’s attention. As the baby grows, this becomes a delightful image for them – and they get to see their own name and recognize it. When you know the colors that are in the baby’s room, I can customize the calligraphy so it follows the design of the new baby’s room. It’s a gift that will be cherished by all.

I frequently add the older sibling’s name on the piece, so the other children feel special to have their names on the artwork.

If you have a new baby in your life, or your friends/relatives lives, click here to get started on creating a beautiful decorated new baby certificate.


new baby decorated birth certificate

decorative Baby Birth certificate


I also do calligraphy new baby gifts for parents! After all, this is truly a special event in their lives. Sometimes a perfect photograph is taken in the hospital. That can be incorporated with the new baby’s name and birthdate. This wonderful poem was combined with my favorite poem “The Prophet on Children” by Kahlil Gibran. I cannot read this poem without tears coming to my eyes. Consider using this poem, or another wonderful poem that you love as a gift for a new baby. It will last a lifetime!

first photo of new baby with parents with calligraphy poem "The Prophet"

Here’s another poem about baby boys….

New Parents holding new baby with personalized calligraphy poem about baby boys

Baby birth certificates are also available as prints in my store, which give you a lower cost alternative. This is definitely a gift the baby won’t “grow out”!

Signature - Make It Beautiful, Lianda



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