Buying a special gift for a new baby can be a lot of fun. Parents get so many baby clothes for gifts. When you have a special friend or relative who has a new baby, you want your gift to be unique, and something special for the new baby.

That’s when a decorated Baby Birth Certificate is the perfect gift. These custom calligraphy gifts are unique and personalized with the baby’s birth information. It’s a nice house present, as well as a gift for the baby. It’s a gift that will be cherished by all.

I frequently add the older sibling’s name on the piece, so the other children feel special to have their names on the artwork.

decorative Baby Birth certificate

Because it’s a custom design, you can have colors of your choice as well. This is a gift that everyone will enjoy and cherish!

Baby birth certificates are also available as prints in my store, which give you a lower cost alternative. This is definitely a gift the baby won’t “grow out”!

Make it Beautiful, Lianda


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