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Inspirational quotes and sayings can keep you going when times are rough. It shows us that the human experience is universal. Go into any house and you will see written words pinned on the wall, stuck to a refrigerator, or sticky notes on your computer. Motivational sayings and quotes help you to keep going when you are fearing failure.

A unique graduation gift for a person ready to embark on their path to success is an inspirational poem or famous words. Pair that with a photo of them in their cap and gown! Personalized words to live by will continue to inspire and motivate.

Steve Jobs commencement speech at graduation quote in calligraphy with background of green apple with the red one standing out from the crowd

You can find great quotes by doing keyword searches on the internet. Inspirational poems and quotes can be found that fit specific professions: gifts for law school graduates (or a gift for passing the Bar!)

Res-Ispa-Loquitur - Lawyers Quote

translation means: The thing speaks for itself- it’s obvious!

Another of my favorites:

Sports-Reveal-Character inspirational quote

mosquito copy

When you think of a getting someone a unique gift; pick the words that are important, and get the personalized and written in beautiful calligraphy.

calligraphy signature make it beautiful

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