Sunset over coastal beach house with wooden boardwalk at Bald Head Island, North Carolina with Meeting at Night written in subtle purple calligraphy to match the colors in the sky and photo.

Calligraphy and poetry naturally go together .  Do you have a poem memorized, or one that really moves you? It’s time to have your poem or quote written in beautiful calligraphy. Get rid of those post-it notes with your motivational quote and gift yourself! Beautiful Calligraphy is your place for custom calligraphy services- and that means, getting exactly what YOU want!

A poem is also the way to express your feelings to another person (think of all the love poems ever written!) . And it makes a unique gift that never wears out or gets old. Forget those useless gifts for Mothers Day and Fathers Day!  And you can personalize any piece with “to, from, date, on the occasion of…”

I am always delighted to design the perfect calligraphy layout, using photography or my own artwork with text. And you can find the perfect photo by clicking here. Put in keywords that describe what you are looking for, and voila, a bunch of photos appear!

Want your poem framed? I have wonderful choices to print on a variety of substrates besides paper: canvas, metal, wood, acrylic. You can see all the choices and get inspired.

Make sure that there’s area where the calligraphy can be superimposed on the photo – where the design isn’t too busy. In this photo, there was an area that was very dark, and an area that was very light. That can be a little difficult. I adjusted to shade of the purple so it could be read in both areas. I think it worked well-

When you find your perfect photographs, put them in a “lightbox”, and share the link with me. We’ll come up with your perfect design.

Above is my latest commission. It’s a short, and beautiful, evocative poem. Don’t you feel it when you look at the picture, and then read the words? Skip the black writing on cream color paper – go for the GUSTO! Combine Beautiful Calligraphy and photography for your poem! You’ll be so happy you did!  Click here to get started.

calligraphy signature make it beautiful

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