Printing Your Calligraphy Poem

One of the great options about ordering your calligraphy is the choice of papers and surfaces that are now available. In the “olden days”, you could choose a couple of papers, but printing on a photograph was only available when you ordered a huge quantity of the same text. I remember having to hand write out ten memorial poems and have them framed with a photograph of the deceased person (a young surfer- very sad). And it cost a fortune because of all the time it took to write out those pieces individually.

But now with there are many options available for printing your calligraphy poem or text. Your personalized calligraphy can be written on a variety of not just paper, but canvas, wood, glass, acrylic and on practically any surface! I’ve actually seen beautiful photographs printing on shower curtains! No kidding! I had to buy one for myself!

Metallic Paper Looks Like Calligraphy in Gold

song lyrics written in calligraphy printed on metallic paper with photographs of the couple superimposed on a sunset at the beachMetallic paper is one of the great options that I offer with your calligraphy order. This kind of paper brings out the shine in the calligraphy lettering (when it’s in a light color) or even parts of the photo. It even seems to glow in a dark room.

Printing in metallic gold or silver is impossibly expensive. But with metallic paper, using the right color for the calligraphy lettering, it can give the look and illumination of gold, silver or copper!

Calligraphy Services Means Lots of Options

When you contact me with your text, my calligraphy services includes lots of suggestions about how to make your calligraphy gift special. Instead of going with a plain “parchment” background, I’ll encourage you to stretch and consider different options.

I love combining selfies with other backgrounds to personalize your calligraphy gift and make it even more sentimental. Sure it’s great to have “your song” – but when you combine it with your photo, it’s even better! If your special photograph or selfie you’ve taken sits on your phone or computer you rarely see it. But when we combine your photograph with another background photograph, like in this example above, it will make your calligraphy order even more special to you! And ordering multiples even brings down the price on the additional orders.

This piece with the couple’s selfie was printed on a thin-wrap so it was ready to hang, right out of the box. You can see lots of options by clicking here.

an example of calligraphy printed on wood

Calligraphy printed on wood

First Anniversary calligraphy poem with wedding photo to be printed on wood

Original file before printing on wood

Printing on wood is another one of the many options for your calligraphy gift. The surface of the wood can be clearly seen through any photograph that has light sections. Or the wood can be “white washed” so less of the texture is obvious. Either way, printing on wood gives a timeless look to your calligraphy poem.


Like these ideas about how to make your calligraphy into perfect personalized unique gift? Contact me: to find out how we can make something beautiful for you!


Your Calligraphy Gift – Uniquely Printed and Framed and Ready to Hang 

Your calligraphy artpiece can be printed on a variety of amazing surfaces that will not need additional traditional framing – and it comes ready to hang, right out of the box! Imagine how great your calligraphy piece will look printed on canvas, metal, wood, glass or acrylic!

Click here to get started with your own unique personalized custom calligraphy gift.



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