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I Carry Your Heart with Me,E.E. Cummings

How many times have you walked away from a situation saying to yourself: 

“I SHOULD have said________”

Well, that is the one thing you DON’T want to have in your mind and heart after someone you love has passed away. You can live the rest of your life with regret. If you are a person who has trouble uttering the words, “I Love You”, then write them. Write about your feelings, and how it may be hard for you to say them outloud. Calligraphy is a beautiful way to immortalize those feelings by giving them to the person you love. 

I have written words of love for many people over the years I’ve done calligraphy. I’ve even written marriage proposals. Would you be surprised if I told you that EVERY ONE of them got a resounding “YES” answer? 

An idea that I have that could be a terrific calligraphy gift would be to have your words written in calligraphy, and then scanned, and reduced to the size of a credit card. That can be laminated, and carried in a wallet. Your loved one can carry YOUR heartfelt feelings with them always!

Also, CafePress and other stores can take your sentiment, my calligraphy, and print it on a coffee cup, a mouse pad, reusable shopping bags, and tons of other items. Get creative! Don’t keep those words silent in your head. Share them, and feel good! 

Expressing love and gratitude is YOUR path to attracting it back to you. Increase the love by sending it out with your words….


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