Inspirational quotes speak to our hearts. Motivational quotes can help get us into action to reach a goal. Do you have a poem that you love? Perhaps someone you love has a poem he or she loves? Many people carry scribbled poems or quotes in their wallets, or have them hidden away in a drawer.

I’ve gone to friends homes and seen written quotes- done on a computer, and taped to a computer, refrigerator, or a wall near their work area. How much nicer it would be to have to quote done in beautiful calligraphy, and framed nearby! I call that  “Words To Live By”.

The quote that I love is the Serenity Prayer. I have two versions, one for religious people being addressed to “God Grant Me The Serenity”. The other version removes “God” and just begins, “Grant Me The Serenity”. Either way, the sentiment in the Serenity Prayer is profound and universal.

Serenity-prayer-God Grant Me The Serenity






Serenity-Prayer for Spiritual Believers














If roses aren’t your preferred background, you can choose your own. Perhaps a seascape if more your choice, or a mountain top, or a sunrise or sunset. I can combine any background your like with custom calligraphy. And the calligraphy quote can be personalized, dated for your preferences.

So don’t live with ugly typed quotes you love! Make them a beautiful part of your life by having them handwritten in beautiful calligraphy! You’ll enjoy them every day!

Make it Beautiful, Lianda

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