The Serenity Prayer | by Lianda Ludwig |

The Serenity Prayer

Do you have a Spiritual quote that gets you centered?

Spiritual Calligraphy | by Lianda Ludwig |

What spiritual quotes do YOU love? Do you appreciate having inspirational words around you, or have you handwritten them and posted them in places for you to see them? I can’t remember even one home I’ve gone into without something written and framed.
I particularly enjoy writing calligraphy quotes that are motivational and inspiration quotes. I have a calm feeling while I’m writing out these quotes in calligraphy. I just completed new quote for a dear past client. It was perfect to do in the “Legend” hand (calligraphy font) because it perfectly reflected the feel of the quote. That’s one of the fun things about writing calligraphy. You get to bring out the meaning of the quote by emphasizing words and phrases in the design. You can change the size, style, color, and so many other variations. One thing that people frequently forget is to consider where a line break should be. That can make all the difference in how the final artwork reads.


If you have your own favorite quote, get it for yourself! You’ll be happy evertime you look up and see it! It doesn’t wear out. Beautiful Calligraphy the perfect way to display words to live by!

Here’s an example of the famous quote ascribed to both Marianne Williamson, and Nelson Mandela: “Our Greatest Fear”. You can see how it could look in a frame, or gallery wrapped.

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Make it Beautiful, Lianda


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