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All of the pieces here in our store feature beautiful hand written calligraphy by Lianda.

Choose your decorated hand written calligraphy quote from these categories:

Famous Poems & Quotes
Marriage & Commitment Certificates
Baby Gifts & Birth Certificates

Lianda will personalize them for you in beautiful calligraphy, scan the calligraphy and then print in a high resolution Giclee print that is a standard size for framing.

If you prefer a different background picture, you can pick your own photo at istockphoto.com, or contact Lianda to incorporate your own photo with the quote of your choice.

Lianda, sitting at her desk working on a beautiful customized hand written calligraphy piece.

Famous Poems & Quotes

i carry your heart
by ee cummings

Price begins at $50.00

Love, Work, Dance

Price begins at $50.00

by Rudyard Kipling

Price beings at $60.00

Twenty Years From Now
by Mark Twain

Price begins at $50.00

by Max Ehrmann

Price begins at $60.00

Our Deepest Fear
Marianne Williamson

Price beings at $70.00

1 Corinthians 13:1
 multiple versions available

Price beings at $50.00

Peace of Wild Things
by Wendell Berry

Price begins at $50.00

Serenity Prayer
multiple versions available

Price begins at $40.00

The Prayer of St. Francis
multiple versions available

Price begins at $50.00

One Day at a Time
multiple versions available

Price begins at $75.00

An Irish Blessing

Price begins at $50.00

Personalized Wedding & Marriage Certificates


Price begins at $275.00

Spring Flowers & Butterflies

Price begins at $275.00


Price begins at  $275.00

Gay Pride

Price begins at $275.00

Baby Gifts & Personalized Birth Certificates

The Prophet on Children
multiple variations available

Price begins at $90.00

Why God Made Little Boys

Price begins at $90.00

Colorful Baby Birth Certificate

Price begins at $90.00

Birds & Flowers Birth Certificate

Price begins at $90.00

“We received it! Thank you SO much! My husband had tears in his eyes when he opened it! I knew he would love it. Thanks for all you did to make this happen! It turned out just beautiful!”

Amy Miller Huntingdon, PA

“Wanted you to know that the calligraphy you did for my friend was a huge hit. He told me to tell you that he doesn’t just like it, HE LOVES IT. He said it is the most beautiful gift he has ever received in his life. Thanks again!”


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