The Perfect Background For Custom Calligraphy

Picking the Perfect Background

Handwritten calligraphy looks even better when you have a perfect background that reflects visually what the text says. If you have looked around my site, you’ll notice that 99% of my pieces have some decorative background- it can be a personal photograph, or the perfect background that graphically reflects your text. I STRONGLY encourage you to stretch out of your comfort zone and not choose a “parchment” or plain background. Art combined with your custom calligraphy text will really make it special and unique and add to your enjoyment of the piece every time you look at it!

Close your eyes and think about your text. What do you see in “your mind’s eye”? Go to  and, and enter search terms or keywords. Save the pictures you like in a “lightbox” or save the ID numbers and send them to me. Make sure there’s a place in the photo where I can place the calligraphy. Another great site to pick a perfect background is Again, choose keywords so you don’t have to look through millions of photos!

Finding the perfect photograph for your calligraphy gift 

You may find lots of pictures you love, but it still may not work with the calligraphy. You may love a particular photo but  you have to consider how it will work with the calligraphy text. Here’s the thing I look for- where am I going to be able to put the text?

A photo like the one below has that dark rock right in the middle- and I’d have to write on right side- but it would look unbalanced.

a photo of a huge rock centered in a photograph makes this a poor choice for a background for a calligraphy gift

 Perfect Background for Custom calligraphy text of Christian Scripture superimposed on a photograph of a golden cross at sunset

One of the reasons the photo above is perfect is there’s not a lot of contrast with dark vs. light in the area where the text will be- so the calligraphy  is clear and legible from top to bottom. That would be the problem with the photo below- light on the top (great for black writing), but dark on the bottom, and harder to see the black writing…Photo has too much contrast where custom calligraphy would be written.

the one below would be perfect background- wide enough for text not to interfere with the focus of the photograph.background of a huge rock with cross ontop in the ocean during sunrise with an area perfect for custom calligraphy

The poem, Her Hands written in calligraphy with a photograph of a mother's old hands with a younger person

Sometimes the photograph cannot be used for an entire background, but can be part of the calligraphy design. In that case, a parchment paper background, or a color background can pull the calligraphy art piece “together”.

Now you know how to pick the perfect background image for your calligraphy! Believe me, you will be happy you put in this effort when you see the final result. Click here, or on any of the photos to get started with an inquiry.

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