Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love. It’s hard to find the right gift, except when you consider calligraphy- it’s personalized and always a unique gift! So instead of giving a card that gets damaged and tossed out after a while, why not have  your sentiment written in Beautiful Calligraphy! I can incorporate your poem, quote or any text into personalized artwork that can be framed. And I can superimpose the calligraphy poem on your photo (of your love, or with you both together), or a professional photo of your choice. Let me capture the love you feel with the combination of your photo and your text.

Don’t wait-  Valentine’s Day is a very busy time for calligraphy services, I’m sure you can imagine! Calligraphy lasts a lot longer than chocolate or flowers! Nothing says “I love you” as permanently as calligraphy! Imagine how great he or she will feel seeing your gift of love every day!

Make it Beautiful, Lianda

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