Don’t Get Cheated Paying for Inferior Hand Calligraphy!

How do you know if you are getting good calligraphy when you hire a calligrapher? Calligraphy is an art; but there are ways to tell if it’s well done. Anyone can call themselves a professional calligrapher; and anyone can have years of experience. But if you practice doing hand lettering the wrong way for lots of years, all you have is an experienced poor example of lettering!

Don't pay good money for awful, unprofessional calligraphy!

Don’t pay good money for awful, unprofessional calligraphy!

Sure, you might want to look at Yelp to see reviews. But honestly, I have seen reviews that say the calligraphy is beautiful, and then see the calligraphy they paid for: all I can say is YUCK!

I feel bad putting down another person’s work, but really I feel it is my duty to educate you! You should NOT pay good money to have your envelopes addressed by someone using a felt tip pen, or a cartridge pen! You don’t get professional results with either of those tools! Ask the calligrapher if they use a “Dip Pen”. If they say no, find another calligrapher!

What should you look for in skilled, professional calligraphy? 

1. Thick and thin parts of the letters.
Calligraphy tools are meant to form letters that have thick parts and thin “hairlines”. It’s done either with pressure on a nib (not possible with a cartridge pen or felt tip), or by holding the square cut nib in a consist angle. 

2. Consistency in the shape, width, and form of the letters.
This can present some difficulty, because as I said, if you practice the wrong form for years, you will have consistency. But in my opinion, it’s consistently ugly!

You want to see ugly, poorly done calligraphy?

Example of Ugly Poorly Done "Calligraphy"

Example of Ugly Poorly Done “Calligraphy”

AND, the person who did this got really positive review in Yelp! It looks like it was done with a felt tip pen. The letter forms are consistent, but there are no thick or thins, and the serifs are terrible! The “calligraphy” is the gold color, the rest is a printed very stylistic handwriting.

Yes, calligraphy is desribed as the “art of beautiful writing”, and anyone can have an opinion. But PLEASE get some comparisons to make sure you are getting quality handwritten calligraphy when you are paying good money for your wedding calligraphy, or any other calligraphy service! 

Here’s an example of an invitation that is done in my calligraphy. I first wrote the calligraphy, edited it with photoshop, and then sized it for the different size pieces. It was sent to a printer, and printed in the color the bride chose. This can be done on any invitation that you like- instead of using a computer font, you can have a custom invitation done with calligraphy. Then I can address the envelopes for you, so it will be a totally custom invitation. 

Don’t settle for second best! You deserve the best! 

 custom designed wedding invitation

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