Words To Live By

inspirational quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson with an old drawing of him

Once in a while, while I’m reading a book, or watching a movie, I’ll hear a phrase that really has meaning for me. I call them my “words to live by”.  I make sure I write them down right away, so I won’t forget them!

calligraphy quote about trust and patience

My mother used to have sayings that I remember all the time. “This too shall pass” was one of them.  One of my favorite quotes is from Bonnie Raitt. I think she said this when she was a receiving an award for her top selling album:

“It took me a long time to get here. But I’m right on time.”

Do you have a favorite quote or words that you live by? It’s actually a double entendre: two meanings. When you have your quote written in calligraphy with the perfect background, it will remind you of the importance of the saying. It can help you get through tough times. It’s like a mantra- you repeat it, you focus on it, and viola – it becomes true.

chinese calligraphy- words to live by

Personally, I keep The Serenity Prayer right over my computer. You can be religious or not, but those words have profound meaning!

Serenity Prayer calligraphy

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What are the words to live by that will help you get through the day? Why don’t you gift yourself, and see how much impact they have on creating a good attitude!

Make It Beautiful, Lianda

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