first anniversary calligraphy paper gift

I love writing poetry in calligraphy. Having your poem written in calligraphy immortalizes it, and makes it very real. It captures a time in your life that was very special.

When combining a background that reflects the meaning in your poem, close your eyes and let your imagination show you the images that you see in your “mind’s eye”. Your imagination can be very different from mine. Although I can and will make suggestions, the best way is for YOU to have an idea and then let me help you come up with the perfect photo or background for your poem.

This is a recent poem that was written to celebrate the couple’s First Anniversary. It’s whimsical and loving at the same time. The peppering of photographs of the couple reflects their very special relationship.

If you’d like your poem written in calligraphy with your photographs, contact me so we can come up with the perfect rendition of your poem.

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